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Why Chose a Las Vegas Tax Pro?

Although online websites may be easy to navigate, they do not add the human element of questions after answers.  A trained professional in taxes will make sure that you maximize your deductions by asking the correct questions.

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If you make a mistake while utilizing an online tax program the software may not pick it up.  When the IRS finds the mistake a letter will be sent to you as the tax payer.  Major errors will be caught right away, minor mistakes usually take 2-3 years to found.  Putting a number in the wrong box may cause you to pay 2-3 years worth of penalties and interest.

What is your time worth? How many hours will you spend trying to gather your information and make sure each number goes in the right box?

Are you aware of the ever changing tax laws?  GCM contiually researches all updates to tax laws.

Everyone feels better when they know they have a professional looking at information that is related to finances.

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